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Your air conditioning and heating system in your Sarasota home plays an important role in providing you with a comfortable environment. Not only does it correct the indoor temperature so you’re more comfortable and safe, but it also does a lot to improve the air quality. However, it can’t keep the air thoroughly cleaned without a little additional help. If your Sarasota home’s air is leaving you doubting, give our professionals a call and we’ll examine your system to see what’s needed for improvements.

New Air Conditioning Installations in Sarasota

If you’re buying a new home or need an older home fitted with an air conditioning & heating unit, you’ll need technicians who can design and install a good system for you. Replacing your current HVAC system also needs to be done with expertise. Your Sarasota home is important, and so is the climate control system, so you want to be sure the installation is handled correctly.

At Florida’s A/C Solution, we have no trouble designing and installing your heating and air conditioning equipment. We a Carrier authorized dealer and can outfit you with quality air equipment for your Sarasota home. We provide 10 year compressor warranty, 10 year other parts warranty, and a 2 year labor warranty.

Sarasota Heating & Air Conditioning Repairs

Around the clock help is not always available or easy to find, but you can find it with us. Emergency air conditioning and heating services is available 24/7 with fast response. You don’t want to be stuck in a hot atmosphere for longer than you have to, especially when children or loved ones are involved. We can provide you with service day or night.

Our professionals can repair any model of HVAC system you have installed in your Sarasota home. Our certified and trained air conditioning professionals have the latest equipment and tools to take care of all your needs quickly. They do good, quality work that’s affordable and guaranteed.

Indoor Air Quality For Your Sarasota Homes

Whether it’s your duct work that needs cleaning or you need better air cleaning equipment in your Sarasota home, it’s always a good thing to have good air to breath. Indoor air can be dirtier than outdoor air, and can be ladened with pollutants and contaminants.

Getting your air cleaned up can make a big difference in your quality of life while living in your Sarasota Home. You may find yourself getting sick less and having fewer problems with allergies. Either way, you’ll breathe easier with duct cleaning and having good air scrubbing equipment in place.


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